Berry2Pay Service

Hi there, since a couple of years people have been requesting custom games builds based on RetroPie/Recalbox for Berryboot, now you can generate your own custom game builds, extract/add roms fo free.

Generate Your Own Game Build for Berryboot

Do you need assistance?

Do you see any error or issue on my custom Berryboot images or you have any doubt about my services? Don't worry, I'll take a look on that and assist you to resolve what's wrong. You must know that some errors and issues can be fixed only by the project/image developers, if that case, I'll contact developers to resolve the issue. If you have any doubt about my services, please let me know what you need and I'll take a look.


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November 2, 2017 9:43 pm

Have you considered torrents?

Adri C-Fu
Adri C-Fu
August 22, 2017 7:50 am

So basically pay once and can download all/any Berry2Pay links at any time, many times?