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How to update BerryBoot

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on my SD card i installed BerryBoot and various operating systems.

Is it possible to update BerryBoot to the latest version without to have reinstall the previous installed OSs?

Or is there a way to backup them before and restore afterwards?

I tried to simply copy the new BerryBoot version on the SD card.

It does boot but it in boot menu it does not show the installed OSs anymore.

Thanks for your advice.


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Hi there, yes can you upgrade Berryboot without reinstalling your custom OS images, actually Berryboot have an auto-upgrade function, to run this, just click “Add Image”, if there’s an update available, you will see a notification to upgrade Berryboot. Let me know if you can do this on your end.

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Are you actively monitoring boot-level updates? I ask this because I see what appear to be boot-related updates come through on my other rpi machines, but don’t see anything appearing in berryboot. I’m not tied into the discussions about this kind of change at, so maybe there are none applicable to berryboot. Please elaborate for us. Thank you.

Alexander G

Hi John, for more technical support please open a new issue here. That Github website is maintained by @maxnet, he’s the lead developer of Berryboot, I’m sure he will guide you to find a fix to the issue.

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