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[pi4] Adding libreelec to raspian kills berryboot

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  1. Set up berryboot on sd card
  2. Add raspian (full version) from berryboot online installation
  3. Raspian boot normally
  4. Add libreelec from usb (testing images for pi 4)
  5. Libreelec boot normally
  6. Raspian after first booting show error “No session found with pid (number)”
  7. Can’t turn it off
  8. After hard reset berryboot not booting, black screen no reaction
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Alexander G

Hi there, all custom images available from the Berryboot menu weren’t made by me. Those images had been made by Berryboot main developer @maxnet. Try it with my custom images available on my website and let me know if the issue is still present on your end.

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