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Hi there, since a few months ago some users suggest that I should allow donations but you must know that I do all this for fun, I have all expenses covered including Web Hosting, Download Servers and Backup Servers, that’s why I wasn’t thinking to ask nor allow donations but if you want to donate any amount of money, now you can, just click the button below (the amount of money is up to you).

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You can also support my website through Patreon, check my profile:

Support my website through Patreon

I’ll use all this donations as a fund to buy new boards similars to Raspberry Pi, I’ll be glad to test new multiboot systems or images on new boards. However, if you wish to donate any type of board, accessory or kit you can do that too. I have an international mailbox in US, you can send it there and I will have it in my hands in a couple of weeks. Contact me for more information.